Title Platform
EA Sports F1 23 EA Sports F1 23 PS5 PS4
EA Sports FC 24 EA Sports FC 24 PS5 PS4
Earth Defense Force 2025 Earth Defense Force 2025 PS3
Eat Them Eat Them PS3
Echochrome Echochrome PS3
Echoes Echoes PSP
Element4l Element4l PS Vita
Endling Extinction is Forever Endling Extinction is Forever PS5 PS4
Enigmo Enigmo PSP
Entwined Entwined PS4 PS Vita
Erica Erica PS4
Escape Plan Escape Plan PS Vita
Ether One Ether One PS4
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PS4
Everybody’s Golf Everybody’s Golf PS Vita
Evil Dead The Game Evil Dead The Game PS5 PS4
Evil West Evil West PS5 PS4
Exiles End Exiles End PS Vita
Extreme Exorcism Extreme Exorcism PS3