PlayStation Plus is a special subscription for PlayStation users, which lets you download and play games for free during subscription time!

- Free PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 i PlayStation Vita games every month!

- Discounts for games & addons (DLC)

- Early access for some demos, trials and full games

- Save backup in Sony cloud services

- Allows to play online on PS4 (on PS3 and PSV it's for free)

Questions and answers

Can I play downloaded games when subscription runs out?

No, you need to rened subscription.

Did I lost all games when subscription runs out?

No, but you cannot play them if you don't renew subscription

Do I need to download all games to don't loose them

No, you just need to run checkout with them, to have on transaction list and download later.

Can I get games from console that I don't have?

Yes, just run through checkout to have them on transaction list.

Can I download games available in previous months?

No, every game is available from 1 to 3 months and later there's no way to get it.

How much I'm saving with PS+?

One game with PS+ cost around 1€, instead of 20 - 50€. So you saves around 1500-2000€ per year.

It's Wednesday, but I don't see games?

Update of PlayStation Store is performed on every Tuesday at 5:00 PM CET (4:00 PM GMT). You can usually use search option several hours before to find out games - or just wait until whole update will propagate (sometimes it may take hour longer).

Do I need to have enough space free on disk to grab game?

No, after checkout you don't need to download games, you can do that later as long as you have PS+ subscribtion (renew also counts). That's why you can even grab games for consoles you don't yet own.

How to download games?

From the day game becames available from around 5:00 PM CET (4:00 PM GMT) you should see games for current month.

To download them:

  • Turn on your console: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3, go to PlayStation Store and then Choose PlayStation Plus / Instant Game Collection.
    Add games to cart, go to checkout (should display 0,00 for all) and proceed with your free checkout.
  • You can also add games using web browser (for every console, even for those you don't yet own) and download them later as long as you got PS+ subscription active, check
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